Knaresborough Allotments Self Help Scheme

What's Going On?

One of our targets for the year was to have more social events. The dreadful weather of July put a dampener on early events, but we were able to have the pizza oven used for a well-attended event. We also allowed the oven to be used by a member for a birthday party. We do want the pizza oven to be used, so if you would like to do so, please contact the committee and we will explain how to use it. We plan to fire up the pizza on Saturday 4 November (weather permitting) when we have our bonfire.

As a committee we want to make the site more family friendly. Thanks to Matt for organising a family event with lawn games, activities and even a sand pit to play in. We had a mixed turnout, but it was certainly positive for the first event of its kind and we are keen to build on it its success over the next 12 months. If you have any suggestions on what events you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Next Big Thing!

Saturday 4th November - Bonfire

We are giving you plenty of notice, so that you can prepare for this. At the moment, when clearing raspberry canes, sunflower stalks etc., please store them on your plot and allow them to dry out. We will tell you nearer the time, where the bonfire will be.

Remember that the plot-holders contract sets a tree height limit of 3 metres. If you are planning to cut back your trees, the pruning could go on the bonfire.